CNC Routing
Customized cutting services with our 80" x 144"
Multicam 3000 CNC router.  This machine
allows us to cut two dimensional shapes, letters
and V-Carve signs from a vast amount of
materials we supply.  For your next routing
project, Please call or send files to our routing
department at
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highlights.  Please check back soon for a completely
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Mechanical Power Shearing
We are equipped with a 120" mechanical
power shear for cutting Aluminum, Coroplast
and other thin gauge plastics.   A shear
produces a clean exact cut without losing
material from a saw blade.
Tolerances: +- 1/16"
I-Beam Table Saw
We are also equipped with a 144" Hendricks
I-Beam overhead table saw.  This machine is
used to cut rigid plastic, wood and aluminum.  
Tolerances are +- 1/8"
Aluminum Brake
We are equipped with a 96" wide
aluminum brake for light gauge
bending of aluminum panels
Radial Arm Saw
We are equipped with a 14" Radial arm saw
primary for cutting custom angles in aluminum
sign cabinet extrusion and other common
Product Highlight
Wholesale Sign Cabinet Extrusions
We offer knockdown kits and welded illuminated
and non-illuminated extruded sign cabinets.  In
conjunction with this process we offer custom
aluminum welding.  Please call with any project
requirements for quoting
Plastic Fabrication
We have epuipment that allows us to cut, bend, glue
and polish acrylic